Gender Equal Wine List

Celebrating International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to do our share to make the world gender-equal, today and for the generations to come!

At Avanti, we want to highlight the women who dedicate themselves to the progress and success of the wine industry. In the world of wine, the gender gap has been traditionally high. Despite indeniable progress, the wine industry glass ceiling has not been shattered.

The wine industry is still dominated by men and restaurant wine lists evidence this reality.

So today March 8, 2021, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we are launching a new feature on our wine list recognizing wineries advanced by women leaders: founders, owners, CEO-Presidents, winemakers, or with strategic roles in the business.

We are committing to a gender-equal list by 2022. Women’s representation on our current list stands at 30 percent. We are on the right track to hit the 50 percent mark! Restaurateurs and wine professionals must use their purchasing power and leverage their wine list to transform the industry through systemic change. Let’s all be intentional with the decisions we make.
We have created a logo to highlight women leadership on restaurants’ wine lists. We are also proposing the hashtag #GenderEqualWineList to spark conversations and help raise awareness. As professionals of the hospitality industry, we must hold ourselves accountable and help create a business environment that works for women. We are happy to share the logo with anyone who wants it.

JOIN OUR CALL TO ACTION to help recognize women’s leadership and invaluable contributions in the wine industry.

Here’s what YOU can do to accelerate change:

To our peers from restaurants: ADD more wines from wineries led by women to your lists. Be part of the conversation and join our effort through using the logo.
To our guests: ASK about women leaders included in the wine lists, ask for a gender equal wine list. Let’s bring each other up, women for women, men for women.

Together we can support the women that are passionate, educated and performance-driven trying to break into a male-dominated industry.
CHEERS to an equal future!

#GenderEqualWineList #IWD2021



Gender Equal Wine List